Posted by: shoji | August 27, 2007

Build it and they will come?

The proof for plug-in autos will be in vehicle sales. We know that people will say one thing, but act in a different manner: just look at all the SUVs out on the roads!

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“I know there’s a lot of enthusiasm right now about plug-ins,” Reinert said. “I’m a little cautious about how much of that ends up as real consumer behavior.”
“There is a consumer market at some price-point for plug-ins,” Bill Reinert, national manager for advanced vehicle technology at Toyota’s U.S. unit, said during an interview Thursday. “We just don’t yet know the size of that market.”
Reinert added: “We can develop the best technology cars in the world, but society has to be ready to use them. We’re going to see that real soon with plug-in vehicles.”

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