Posted by: shoji | September 10, 2007

New Wine in … Uh, Juice Boxes

Wine-in-a-box used to mean Franzia to me (and a canoe or backpacking trip).

When you think about it, a plastic liner is a great way to transport a beverage: light and durable. Fitness enthusiasts will recognize these qualities put to good use in the CamelBak.

One key to the Franzia and CamelBak is the easy-to-use spout. My first experience with stabbing the straw into a Capri Sun was disastrous– but a lot of things were difficult in third-grade.

Apparently, wine is now being sold by others in boxes, and their ecological impact is likely better than glass and cork.

New Wine in … Uh, Juice Boxes – TIME
Back when wine was an elitist beverage, those dusty bottles labeled with geographic descriptors and family emblems made sense. But the rigmarole we go through in order to wash down our KFC with some pinot grigio makes about as much sense as decanting a Red Bull. So winemakers are now putting their goods in juice boxes, aluminum cans like Sofia Coppola’s super-hip champagne, which comes with a straw, and–in the latest packaging innovation–plastic bottles.


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