Posted by: shoji | September 14, 2007

The Brave One: definitely not a geneticist

Scientist friends can be annoying companions to movies: always pointing out what’s impossible and what doesn’t make sense. They just don’t seem to understand that one has to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the story. (Not to pick just on the scientists, this applies to any friend who has topical experience or expertise.)

Nevertheless, I can definitely be one of those annoying friends, and it happens outside the theater in this review of The Brave One, starring Jodi Foster:

The Brave One – Movie – Review – New York Times
Erica Bain, the gunslinging heroine of “The Brave One,” is the host of a public radio talk show called “Street Walk” that takes a sentimental, nostalgic view of New York City. Also a rather purple one, since Erica is prone to come up with poeticisms on the order of “New buildings sprout like chromosomes from the city’s DNA,” a sentence that someone evidently thought so highly of that we get to hear it twice.

Wha? I’m no geneticist, but I didn’t realize chromosomes sprout from DNA– they don’t and not even metaphorically.

Ira Flatow sets a high standard for public radio. They should have hired him as a consultant.


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