Posted by: shoji | September 16, 2007

EcoWatts: B.S. company

It pays to stay in school.

If you missed out on the fun of physics (in particular, thermodynamics), here’s the CliffsNotes version:

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed.”

Engadget reports on another company with aspirations of overcoming the laws of physics (below). Another CliffsNotes trick:

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

If you don’t believe me, then send me a check for $1,000. I’d be happy to prove it to you.

Steorn redux: more mad “scientists” tout free energy gadget – Engadget
Another company has claimed to have produced a device that produces more energy than is put in, which –we shouldn’t have to tell you — is impossible. The Daily Mail is the dumb — but actually kinda clever, ’cause they’ll get lots of readers, and they don’t mind bending the truth — deliverer this time, adding some kind of twisted authority to the “news.”



  1. […] Go invent this and call me. We’ll have ‘em knocking down our doors. Maybe the folks at EcoWatts can help […]

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