Posted by: shoji | September 17, 2007

Organic dry cleaners

Marketing run amok:

There’s a dry cleaner on Wisconsin Ave, NW, in Glover Park (Washington, DC, for those uninitiated) that advertises “organic” dry cleaning. I’ve also noticed the signs on other area dry  cleaners.

Organic for many people invokes healthy lifestyles. However, don’t be fooled by “organic dry cleaning”. Organic in the context of cleaning solvents means:

relating or belonging to the class of chemical compounds having a carbon basis.

Maybe you had friends in college who took “orgo” or “o-chem” (i.e., Organic Chemistry)? That smell they wore after lab had nothing to do with good eats.

Are there green dry cleaners? (TreeHugger)
Not all cleaning methods advertised as “green” are as environmentally benign as they may seem. For example, a solvent called DF-2000 being touted as an “organic” dry cleaning fluid is actually a petroleum product. It is indeed organic in the same way gasoline and perc are organic: it contains a chain of carbon atoms. The word “organic” has a much different meaning when it comes to food that’s been certified organic by the USDA.


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