Posted by: shoji | September 17, 2007

Time Out Pad™

Kids love games and are more apt to learn when instruction is fun.

So let’s make Time Out fun with the Time Out Pad by Bump-to-3. [sarcasm]

There’s a built-in timer to gauge how long Jr’s been sitting on the plastic thing, and it even provides feedback to the younger by delivering electric shocks. Just kidding about the electric shock: there’s a yellow light that flashes when Jr has a minute left.

via Express (Washington Post)

Bump to 3 | Time Out Pad™
Young children need to learn when their behaviour isn’t acceptable. To do this, many parents use the ‘time-out’ or ‘naughty-step’ technique, making the child sit quietly (usually on the bottom step of the stairs) for a few minutes to calm down and reflect on their actions.

In practice it’s not always easy. How do you time a ‘time out’, when you’ve got so many things to do? And what if the child gets up during the time-out? How does a child know when a ‘time out’ is finished? The Time Out Pad™ can help with all these problems.

Time Out Pad


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