Posted by: shoji | September 19, 2007

Online couple cheated with each other

What’re the odds? If you’re applying for a job at Google, figure out the odds of this one…

(via Marc Andreessen)

Online couple cheated with each other | The Daily Telegraph
A married couple who didn’t realise they were chatting each other up on the internet are divorcing.
Sana Klaric and husband Adnan, who used the names “Sweetie” and “Prince of Joy” in an online chatroom, spent hours telling each other about their marriage troubles, reported.



  1. This sounds like an update version of the plot of The Pina Colada:

    I was tired of my lady, we’d been together too long.
    Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song.
    So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed.
    And in the personals column, there was this letter I read:
    “If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.” etc

    The Man and his new Laaady go out on a date, only to find that they are already married. That story ends well though…

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