Posted by: shoji | September 19, 2007

I watched a CNN story on PolitiFact this morning. Their gimmicky visual tool for assessing presidential candidates statements is the “Truth-O-Meter”.

One important point being made by the Truth-O-Meter is the gray-area between Truth and Fiction. For those inclined, the analysis conducted by PolitiFact is explained and points out where interpretation of data and the candidate’s use of statistics may affect the veracity of the statement.

Unfortunately, we live in an age of sound bites, where complexity is just too complex, and it’s much easier to get attention with junior-high retorts:


(This picture is not an endorsement of any candidate.)

I’ve not watched any of the candidate debates, but I hope the moderators bring their own Truth-O-Meter and call the B.S. when they hear it. This is one of the reasons that I listen to the The Diane Rehm Show.

PolitiFact | A service of the St. Petersburg Times and CQ
Welcome to PolitiFact, a project of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly. In the months ahead, the news staffs of both organizations will examine major claims by presidential candidates and rule on their veracity. Our Truth-O-Meter will help voters sort fact from fiction in the campaign. This is a working database and over time it will grow more valuable.


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