Posted by: shoji | September 20, 2007

Plastic Bags

The plastic grocery bag is a prominent villain of the green movement, and bag-ban legislation is being considered in many municipalities.

Plastic bags are a terrible blight. I won’t forget riding along with EMTs through Baltimore City and seeing a half-dozen blue plastic bags plucked from the air by an otherwise leaf-less tree. The driver pointed to the tree and remarked in a deadpan to his partner: “The blue-plastic-bag tree is blooming.”

Littering is more the problem than the bags; the winds focus our attention on the bags by blowing them all around. Also, despite the blight, plastic bags are useful “freebies”. I’m sure many people use the plastic bags for other purposes such as trash can liners.

What would you use to take the place of the plastic grocery bag?  What are the unintended consequences of going plastic bag free?

10 Reuse Solutions for Plastic Bags (TreeHugger)
Even the most diligent reusable-tote-carrying greenie eventually gets saddled with a couple of plastic bags—that’s how insidious these blights upon the environment are. But we’ve also seen some brain-rattlingly creative ways some people have been squeezing out a second, third, or fourth use out of their plastic bags, whether it’s by fusing them into fabric, crocheting plastic strips into purses, transforming them into fashionable handbags, crafting cushion covers, or melting the material down into jewelery.

Happy Bag

Photo by brownphotos.


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