Posted by: shoji | September 21, 2007

Food color

The ice cream man is a lasting childhood memory of mine.  Who can forget the obnoxious carnival-like tunes blasting from the slab-sided truck as it droned through the neighborhoods.

My parents never let me get ice cream from “Vinnie”.

The other kids would indulge on “strawberry shortcake” or ice cream sandwiches. But the most popular frozen treats were the ones that stained the clothes and the tongues: cherry-flavored Italian Ices and the blue-colored Rocket pops.

Sweet 15: The hottest new candies aim for adults and kids alike – MarketWatch
Probably one of the most menacing new sweets to hit the fifth grade this year will be a miniature puck of dark blue fruity gum with a sour burst of flavor that stains the tongue.
It’s a Cadbury Adams Bubblicious product called “Ink’d” that promises to have young boys sticking out hued tongues in classrooms everywhere and it was one of more than 2,000 newfangled creations at the All Candy Expo here this week.



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