Posted by: shoji | September 21, 2007

Prius: car for those with arthritis

Ergonomics are an important consideration for every device, and our changing demographics will alter design.

Here’s a blurb from AutoblogGreen on the Prius as an arthritis-friendly vehicle. Who would have guessed that those “Push-start” buttons first appearing in high-end sports cars would be a great design for the senior set?

Perhaps keyless ignition systems are useful after all.

Toyota Prius: the perfect car for those with arthritis? – AutoblogGreen
But, how about choosing the Prius for the ease it offers in choosing gears? Think that’s just crazy talk? Think again! Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor over at Edmunds Inside Line suggested the Prius to an older friend who happens to have arthritis in her hands. She asked Warren for advice on what type of vehicle to purchase which is no too manually demanding and he recommended the Prius. Not only is the gear selector easy to operate, but readers also pointed out in the comments that the car has push-button-start too, making it easier for someone with arthritis to start the car.


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