Posted by: shoji | September 26, 2007

Deep-fryer fuel: off-the-grid power

There’s a lot of activity in the biofuel space, and Willie Nelson has been there for a while– touring in his vegetable oil-powered bus. Importantly, the vegetable oil can come from deep fryers (e.g., fastfood restaurants). Regular diesel fuel also works.

Businesses have moved into the space: Tri-State Biodiesel collects restaurant grease and reprocesses it for biodiesel use.

Another potential use for deep-fryer fuel is for powering electrical generators. Rather than pumping the used grease into a truck for transport to a reprocessor, the deep-fryer fuel can be filtered and pumped into an on-site electrical generator. (Admittedly, I do not know how “green” such process would be, but deep-fryer-dependent businesses could use this to their bottom-line advantage.)

More useful may be deep-fryer generators in the developing world. Since electricity is unreliable in many parts, the use of deep-fryer generators could help reduce brown outs/black outs. Developing countries need reliable energy inorder to raise their standards of living– electricity to power reading lights in the evening is just one example.

Willie Nelson: On the road with his biodiesel tour bus – Sep. 26, 2007
Before the show, Nelson filled up his bus with cooking grease delivered from Tri-State Biodiesel, a Manhattan-based company that collects used cooking oil from restaurants, processes it, then delivers the fuel to its customers.



  1. Willie Nelson not only supports biofuel, he as well is a part of Farm Aide which supports local farmers of America. I recommend supporting Willie and his causes, he has an upcoming show that the guys I work with at Lonestar 92.5 told me about in Dallas Oct 27th. You should check out for more details for that show, and many alike! Stay green and keep the peace!

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