Posted by: shoji | September 26, 2007

Exercise: XRKade Video Game Fitness Centers

I like the idea of kids exercising, even if the method used to get them exercising is through video games. (You’ve probably heard that some schools are using DDR [Dance Dance Revolution] in PE class.)

But I am having second thoughts:

What happens if/when our video-game simulations overcome the actual physical games? For example, imagine kids playing a video game version of football instead of going down to the park for a pick-up game.

Relatedly, we see the popularity of Guitar Hero— but I wonder if kids are picking up the guitar (the real one).

Part of the appeal of video-game simulation is the ease of use; it’s much easier to play Wii Tennis than the real thing. Why bother with all the hard work and dedication in learning the new skill involved? [sarcasm]

Perhaps this is another sign of our ADHD lives.

Like most things in life, balance is necessary. If you go to either extreme (all simulation or none-at-all), then you’re probably doing yourself a disservice.

FWIW: these games are really fun.

Exercise: XRKade Video Game Fitness Centers Keep Kids Fit, Zombify Their Minds – Gizmodo
XRKade centers are popping up across the nation, allowing kids to exergame, or play arcade games that require more effort than just moving thumbs. Despite the unfortunate name, the adolescent-focused gyms want kids more active and healthy, by sneaking exercise into their gaming sessions, Wii style. All I can imagine is a giant room full of sweaty, smelly, pre-teen nerddom.


See also: Gamercize Pro-Sport via Gizmodo.



  1. This system looks ok. I definitely think exergaming is here to stay. Not too sure about the gamercise though.

    I’ve posted a blog with some videos using the the BodyPad fighting system. It’s similar to the Wii in that you can throw real punches to throw punches in-game, but different in that it works with PS2 and XBOX. It also allows for kicks so that you can control most fighting games.

    These are all games I own and play regularly with the BodyPad system. 19 games so far.
    – Capcom Classic Collection
    – Dead or Alive 3
    – Def Jam: Fight for NY
    – Dynasty Warriors 4
    – Fight Club
    – Fight Night 2004
    – Guilty Gear X2
    – Knockout Kings 2002
    – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    – Metal Slug 3
    – Midway Arcade Treasures 2
    – Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    – Ninja Gaiden
    – Rocky
    – Rocky: Legends
    – Soul Caliber 2
    – Tao Feng
    – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles
    – X-Men Legends

    Check out the blog if interested. It really is a great workout and I think anyone using a Wii might enjoy this also…


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