Posted by: shoji | September 26, 2007

Halo 3: spectating in the future

I blogged earlier about the future of watching sports. The gist of it is the user-determined point-of-view– imagine watching football or basketball or your-favorite-arena sport from any angle that you choose.

Halo 3, the video-game release of the year (est $170M in the first day of sales in the USA alone), offers replay of your greatest frags from any angle. Of course, it’s 3D computing for Halo vs. real-life image interpolation for real-life sports, but you get the idea.

(If you’re having trouble imaging what I am describing, then go watch The Matrix. Pay particularly close attention to the scenes where the image is frozen and the camera appears to spin around the character… then imagine doing the same thing while watching the NFL.)

ESPN – Is it just me, or is Halo 3 everywhere? – Videogames
The Theatre feature of Halo 3 makes every other element of the game, both single and multiplayer, that much better. Your entire game, level by level, deathmatch by deathmatch is recorded automatically as you play. You can then go in and watch the festivities, capture screen shots of you in action and fly your camera around the environment in real time as the clip plays.


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