Posted by: shoji | September 26, 2007

More fun with GPS: LAPD edition

O.J. Simpson forever changed police car chases in his White Bronco.

Now, disruptive technology called “StarChase Pursuit Management System” may make police chases a thing of the past. (What will LA TV viewers do with their time?)

This system is the “homing device” you’ll remember from good-vs.-bad TV shows. I can’t remember which ones in particular, but probably cartoons like GI Joe and tech shows like Mission:Impossible or Knight Rider. James Bond probably had Q think up one of these devices, too.

Essentially, the police “shoot” a GPS unit onto the suspect’s vehicle and then watch from the safety of a computer terminal.

Come to think of it, viewers may take to the ‘net and catch a glimpse of the chase. Anyone working on a Google Maps Mashup?

LAPD To Shoot Fleeing Felons with GPS Tracking Device
The Register reports that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is set to test the StarChase Pursuit Management System. Officers involved in a chase will use a compressed-air laser-sighted launcher mounted at the front of a patrol car to fire a miniature GPS receiver, battery and radio transmitter embedded in an epoxy compound. The tracking device will stick to the absconding villains’ car. Police can then back off during high speed pursuits, knowing that the GPS tracker and the cellular radio data will provide the fleeing felon’s exact 10-20.


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