Posted by: shoji | September 27, 2007

Germany gearing up for maglev railway

Growing up on Long Island in the 1980s, I often heard about plans to build a maglev train along the median of the LIE (Long Island Expressway). The maglev train would make for speedy commuting to/from NYC.

One reason for the maglev enthusiasm was that the original idea came from Long Island’s own Brookhaven National Laboratory. In middle school, science dorks like me constructed maglev vehicles in a futuristic version of pinewood derby contests (the vehicles resembled painted popsicle sticks with magnets glued to them.)

Much has changed since those days to “improve” the LIE, except that the maglev or any high-speed mass transit option is an idea for the future.

maglev train

Photo from Wikipedia.

Germany gearing up for maglev railway – Engadget
While folks living near Shanghai are already enjoying the luxuries of a maglev (magnetic levitation) railway, Germany is getting set to build a similar line to shuttle citizens from Munich’s city center to its airport.


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