Posted by: shoji | October 1, 2007

Deep-fryer fuel (Part II)

I blogged earlier about using deep-fryer oil for biodiesel to run electrical generators.

Here’s an LA Times article about Indie Rocker Rob Del Bueno, who has been reformulating deep-fryer grease for use in diesel-engine cars since early 2000s.

From indie rock to biodiesel – Los Angeles Times
A few years ago, with the band on hiatus, Del Bueno developed another passion: brewing up pure biodiesel from used kitchen oil. He couldn’t believe that fuel — the source of so much war and worry — could be so easily produced from an ingredient available in the back of a fast-food restaurant. Drivers, he learned, could pump pure biodiesel into unmodified diesel engines and enjoy low greenhouse gas emissions. So Del Bueno began making it — lots of it — in an old water heater in his yard. He put his number on the Web. When customers called, he would meet them for a fill-up in his driveway.”It was sort of like a drug deal,” he says now, laughing.


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