Posted by: shoji | October 1, 2007

Radiohead Album Pricing

Ven sent me a story (below) on the pricing for the new Radiohead album titled In Rainbows.


If you’re tied to the physical world and want a Radiohead collector’s set consisting of a CD, some vinyl, lots of artwork, and probably other stuff, then be prepared to pony up ~$81.

But, if your life is digital, then Radiohead’s offering you a “pay-whatever-you-want” discount.

The music industry’s business model is experiencing enormous pressure from the download revolution, and this move by Radiohead is an intriguing experiment. Will music listeners pay iTunes-like rates for In Rainbows, or take a free ride. (Will there be substantial fanatics who pay more?)

Regardless, this pricing scheme definitely plays better to fans than the piracy battles waged by Metallica.

One thing is certain in this experiment: Radiohead will be making tons of money on an extravagant world tour.

And lest you think Radiohead are ripping their fans off, check this out: If you order the download only, you can pay HOWEVER MUCH MONEY YOU WANT for it. Like, there’s no set price. Like, I just paid eight bucks for the new Radiohead album. Maybe you can pay zero dollars?


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