Posted by: shoji | October 1, 2007

We need sports heroes

I try not to miss Peter King’s columns, one of the best sports writers.

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s MMQB column on Brett Favre over taking Dan Marino’s career record for touchdown passes. It’s easy to get cynical with professional sports today: Barry Bonds, Floyd Landis, Michael Vick, etc.  Maybe Brett Favre’s resurgence can take the edge off– and who could forget his acting role in There’s Something about Mary? – Writers – Peter King: Rededicated Favre shines even without running game – Monday October 1, 2007 9:28AM
When Favre left the field after the game, he stopped to hug the Vikings mascot, the stringy-bearded Ragnar. It was the 16th time Ragnar — a Minnesotan named Joe Juranich — had seen Favre come into the ‘Dome, and the first time they hugged. Ragnar stands for all things Vikings. Favre has been the archrival. Juranich knows he should hate Favre, but he can’t. When Favre had gone, Juranich said: “I went out into the parking lots today before the game, because I wanted to tell the fans, ‘Don’t you dare boo this man today. He’s been through so much, and he’s such a credit to the game. We should cheer him, and give him credit for being such a great player over the years.’ You just have to admire him. I mean this: It’s good to see him break it here.”

Need a feel-good story for your sports year? Fed up with Bonds, with asterisks, with Spygate, with dogfighting, with soccer goalies ripping other soccer goalies? With the effect money has on the games you love? Well, Favre’s writing a pretty pure story in Green Bay. There might be more good chapters to it. Keep reading.



  1. TV-media marketing inventions cannot be heroes:

    Lance Pharmstrong, LIVE WRONG with Nike
    Roid Landis
    Tyler Liar Hamilton
    Frankie Andreu
    Roberto Heras
    Benoit Joacim
    Manuel Beltran
    Pavel Padrnos
    Michele Ferrari, MD

    These are drug cheats and a convicted doper doctor. They lie on cue and on camera.

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