Posted by: shoji | October 10, 2007

Cholesterol drugs’ protection

I blogged earlier about statins (cholesterol-lowering miracle drugs) in a post about innovation vs. me-too drugs.

Below is another study showing long-term protective effects from taking statins.

Big Pharma gets it wrong many times, but the track record for statins is hard to argue against. Of course, few would have predicted how game changing statins have been since their invention.

Study: Cholesterol drugs’ protection long-lasting –
The research follows up on a study in Scotland showing that men taking the drug Pravachol for five years substantially lowered their risk of heart attack and death from heart disease. They were followed for 10 more years after most stopped taking the drug. That group was compared with a group of men who were given dummy pills during the five-year study. There was a 25 percent lower risk of heart attack or death from heart disease among those in the statin group, when compared with the placebo group. The study participants were middle-aged men who had never had a heart attack but who had a very high average level of LDL, or bad cholesterol — 192.



  1. Statins are an incredible strain on the liver.

    Consumption of alcohol and/or anti-inflammatory medication exacerbates the effect these drugs have on the liver.

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