Posted by: shoji | October 10, 2007

Recycling bath water for the lawn

Despite the thunderstorms yesterday, it’s been a terribly dry summer in the Baltimore-DC area. Water is a scarce natural resource that we haven’t treated as scarce.

One way to reduce water consumption is “gray water” reclamation. Much of the water that goes down the drain is suitable for watering lawns, for example. There are also some newer washing machines that capture the rinse-cycle water for use in the next laundry load.

Recycling bath water for the lawn | Tech news blog – CNET
Fresh water is going to be one of the first casualties of global warming, according to many. Many countries have begun to invest more heavily in desalination sites, purification technologies, and devices that can help use water more efficiently.



  1. My father-in-law used to capture the rinse cycle water in the set tub located next to the washing machine then would manually bail that water into the machine for the first cycle (wash) of the next load.

    Frankly, it is amazing how much self-sufficiency, energy & money saving, and home economics we have forgotten in the past couple decades. Blame it on the Boomers, we are losing this knowledge of generations.

    He did it to save his rural septic system (and probably also to save money). Since he had a rural septic and used a combination of capturing rain water and a shallow well, he used the natural land to constantly turn that washing machine water back into clean water. But the septic system just doesn’t like handling soap.

    I like the corn movie idea, but it would be really cool if someone would do a similar observation of water.

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