Posted by: shoji | October 15, 2007

Vélib: Paris by communal bike

I wonder if certain cities in the USA could embrace communal bicycles? DC has various tour-by-bike companies, but the idea of having convenient, communal bicycles is also great for residents. It appears to-be working for ZipCar and its competitors…

But let’s face it: we Americans are fat and lazy. We’re also litigious, and there’s a quote in the NYT article about Vélib users not wearing bicycle helmets. (Sorry for the cynicism.)

Finding Liberté on Two Wheels – New York Times
Beginning on July 15, thousands of bicycles became available in Paris at hundreds of self-service docking stations installed around the city by J. C. Decaux, an outdoor advertising company. Anyone, even fresh-off-the-plane Americans, can stroll over, swipe a credit card and ride away on a sturdy, well-maintained three-speed bike, a “vélo” in French. Access to the bikes is available all of the time; it’s liberating, as in “liberté,” so the “Vélib” was born.



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