Posted by: shoji | October 17, 2007

Ann Arbor LEDs cities to green

Ann Arbor is changing its street lights to LED.

This is great for energy savings and may LED to better quality light (whiter than some types of street lights).

The striking part to notice in the excerpt below is the cost premium to replace the downtown street lamps with LEDs: $400,000. Unfortunately, it’s not clear how they’re “doing the math”: is the $400K the total cost of the entire downtown LEDs? Does it factor in the replacement cost of the existing street lights? Does it amortize over the remaining service life? etc.

One huge benefit to this deal is pushing the LED market towards further economies of scale: laggards may yet benefit from cheaper deals in the near future. Any one adopting an early iPhone knows what I’m talking about.

Ann Arbor to Replace Lights With LEDs – New York Times
The eco-friendly city about 30 miles west of Detroit says it will be the nation’s first to convert all downtown street lights to LED technology, which uses less than half the energy of traditional bulbs and could save the community $100,000 a year.”LEDs pay for themselves in four years,” said Mayor John Hieftje, who announced the city’s plans this week as it joined Raleigh, N.C., and Toronto in the LED City initiative, an industry-government group working to evaluate, deploy and promote LED lighting.


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