Posted by: shoji | October 17, 2007

GSK Malaria Vaccine

A small 214-baby clinical trial for a GSK malaria vaccine showed a 65% reduction in risk of vaccinated babies getting malaria.

Who says the pharmaceutical industry isn’t working in this space? (Understandably, it’s not the major focus of their efforts, since bankruptcy doesn’t bode well for drug development.)

You should also take a look at the non-profit pharmaceutical “Institute for OneWorld Health“.

Promising Malaria Vaccine Is Found to Work in Babies – New York Times
The vaccine, presently known as RTS,S and tentatively brand-named Mosquirix, is made by fusing a bit of outer protein of the deadly falciparum strain of the malaria parasite with a bit of hepatitis B virus and a chemical booster — the latter two added to provoke a stronger immune reaction. At least 9 malaria vaccine candidates are in development, but Mosquirix is the farthest along. Glaxo has been refining it for 20 years, and expects to have spent up to $600 million on it by the time it comes to market. About $100 million has been paid by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative.


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