Posted by: shoji | October 20, 2007

Farm Reform

Get this: NYT editorial page is [sort of] calling on President Bush to save us from another dreaded and bad farm bill.

Despite all the problems associated with the misguided subsidies within the farm bill, it’s current state is a spotlight for special interests and politics at its worst.

Last Chance for Farm Reform – New York Times
Last summer, the House approved a deeply disappointing farm bill that would perpetuate a lavish, outdated system of price supports that disproportionately rewards big farmers, complicates American trade policy and does little to help consumers. Unless the Democratic leadership shows some unaccustomed gumption, the Senate could wind up making the same mistakes. President Bush, who has generally been on the right side of the farm issue, should think seriously about a veto if nothing better arrives on his desk. Otherwise, the country is in for another five years of bad farm policy.



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