Posted by: shoji | October 23, 2007

Auto horn and flashing light invention

Okay, here’s a free-bee to the auto industry and safety folk:

Combined automobile horn and high-beam flashing device.

I remember reading about complaints on hybrid vehicles (i.e., Toyota Prius) being particularly dangerous to blind people. Turns out that hybrid vehicles are much quieter than regular cars, and thus a silent danger to the visually impaired. There was (maybe still is) debate about putting noise-making devices on hybrid vehicles.

This is probably not P.C. of me (I’m a Mac!), but silence is golden. And I’ve found the urban rumble from buses (which I ride daily) and the subway/commuter train (which I used to ride daily) cause noticeable stress. But that’s a post for another time…

Back to the “Invent this free-bee”:
Auto manufacturers could easily link the horn mechanism with the high-beams to simultaneously honk and flash. Those with disabilities may benefit from the dual-mode alert system (DMAS, as every good technology requires a meaningless acronym).

This invention is free to use: no license fee necessary, just for societal good. Volvo, show your leadership here. BTW: I love the new C30.
Volvo C30



  1. Trouble is that the flashing lights mean different things in different countries.

    Flash lights on Europe means I’m here please pull over so I can pass.

    In the UK, it simply used to warn others of your presence, ie round a blind bend at night etc. The horn should not be used after 23:00 until 08:00 the next day.

    And the extra cost of trying to work out gets what system can be a tiny logistical piece of expense, so why bother.

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  3. gostaria que me enviassem o preço do modelo c30 volvo e se aceitam por troca um bmw?

  4. gostaria que me enviassem o preço do modelo c30 volvo e se aceitam por troca um bmw série 3 de 2003?

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