Posted by: shoji | October 23, 2007

Foot-in-the-mouth: predicting undefeated football team

For the past several years, it’s become a sports-writer ritual to compare the undefeated ’72 Dolphins to the halfway-through-the-football season undefeated team. Fans have been lucky, I suppose, to witness the exciting run to undefeatedness with the Colts (this year and years past) and the team-to-beat ’07 Pats.

But such premature comparisons are embarrassing.

I enjoy Don Banks’s articles for SI, but I definitely grimaced when reading the title feed for the story below:

Patriots will match ’72 Dolphins, ’98 Vikings in record book: With the way New England has played, Don Banks says it’s not hard to believe that the Patriots will go 19-0 as well as set the single-season scoring record.

Oh well, it got me to read the article and blog about it. That’s the name of the ad game– stay tuned for a future post on Paris Hilton. – Writers – Don Banks: Patriots will match ’72 Dolphins, ’98 Vikings in record book – Tuesday October 23, 2007 1:45PM
As the weeks click by, and the Patriots’ dominance starts to gather historical weight and register in our collective consciousness, we’re beginning to hear more about New England’s chances of measuring up to a pair of record-breaking teams from the past: the 1972 Miami Dolphins of 17-0 perfect season fame, and the 1998 Minnesota Vikings, who set the league’s single-season scoring record of 556 points en route to a 16-2 record.


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