Posted by: shoji | October 25, 2007

Hybrid Synergy Drive: not-so-slow and steady improvements

TTAC posted a one-paragraph note on the continued improvements to the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive.  In brief, Toyota’s decreased the manufacturing cost by 50% and decreased the size by 50%. (I don’t know if size means weight or volume.)


Photo from Wikipedia.

oboylepr commeted:

..This halving of the size/cost of the propulsion unit with every new generation really shows [Toyota’s] long term approach to technical development. By comparison GM’s habit of bringing not quite mature products to the market place and not bother to fix the flaws for years (ie. V6 intake manifold issue), it’s not hard to see why ToMoCo is thriving and GM is slowly dieing…

The take-home lesson is to look towards continuous improvement. From the bad press on reliability of the 2007 Camry and Tundra, and 2007 Lexus GS, I hope ToMoCo returns to that lesson.

Next Gen Toyota Synergy Drive Cost/Size Shrinks by 50%
Many of our commentators have pointed-out that automakers hoping to compete against the lean, mean, hybrid-building machine known as Toyota are chasing a moving target. While GM is busy trying to stuff Li-Ion-shaped eggs into a Volt-sized basket, Toyota has just announced they’ve downsized their nickel metal hydride battery-based gas – electric propulsion system by 50 percent. What’s more (or less), they’ve also reduced their manufacturing cost by 50 percent.



  1. A VW TDI beats the much hyped Toyota hybrids in gas mileage.
    The only reason this hybrid car is in the environmental spotlight is because the environmental organizations and thier selective favouritism when it comes to cars.
    Since the environmentalists logic is to damm poor gas mileage in SUVs, why dont they elevate the VW TDI diesels to thier rightful place ?
    Its sickening to listen to the endless hype and propaganda of hybrid cars when the VW diesels can easily beat thier gas mileage figures.
    Which car does have a smaller carbon footprint?

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