Posted by: shoji | October 30, 2007

Drunken dialing

There are quite a few gizmos out there being developed to prevent drunk driving– essentially, they are breathalyzers that can lock the automobile ignition.

I envision a very useful adaptation of this to the mobile phone (or any phone). With a proximity sensor and accelerometer already built into the iPhone, how hard can it be to add an alcohol sensor (i.e., breathalyzer) near the microphone?

The phone will then check the sobriety of the user prior to connecting a call. If the user is drunk, then the phone is automatically prevented from dialing anyone except taxi companies and the user’s mother.

Imagine the tremendous benefits to society for this invention! Drunk calling of eXs will become a thing-of-the-past.

 drunk dialing mistake

[photo from Flickr’s ramseyarnaoot]



  1. The party culture in Australia has already beat you to this idea— several years ago—

    Albeit, this is a low-tech version of what you propose and requires foresight while one is sober. But, I like to think of it as a service and self-help in one— you have to admit that you have a problem and program your phone before ever leaving home.

    BTW, who wants to call their mom– their MOM??!?– after drinking too much???

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