Posted by: shoji | October 31, 2007

Imagery of Verlyn Klinkenborg

I look forward to Verlyn’s prose enjoining rural and urban. Below is an excerpt of his take on the late coming of frost.

Belated Frost – New York Times
Winter usually arrives on a very tight schedule, and it’s hard to regret a little slack, even if it feels worrisome.

The first frost isn’t everything, though. I’m still waiting for the hard one, the one makes the steel gates bitter to the touch and drives the bees deep into the core of their hive. That kind of frost puts away any thoughts of last-minute regeneration. It makes it clear that some time is going to have to pass — and it’s going to have to get a lot colder — before there is any hint of rebirth. When that frost will come is anyone’s guess. Right now, the frost we’re having still seems ornamental, a last-minute embellishment for Halloween.


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