Posted by: shoji | November 11, 2007

Business of sports: college football

Read this Op/Ed by Michael Lewis about money in college football. There are some staggering numbers (dollars) attributed to the sport, and he argues that we should throw away the ruse that college football is about student athletics.

It’s no surprise that there is plenty of money in college hoops as well– I wonder how the dollar amounts compare.

Serfs of the Turf – New York Times
THE three most lucrative college football teams in 2005 — Notre Dame, Ohio State and the University of Texas — each generated more than $60 million for their institutions. That number, which comes from the Department of Education, fails to account for the millions of dollars alumni donated to their alma maters because they were so proud of their football teams. But it still helps to explain why so many strangers to football success have reinvented themselves as football powerhouses (Rutgers?), and also why universities are spending huge sums on new football practice facilities, new football stadium skyboxes and new football coaches.


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