Posted by: shoji | April 20, 2008

Springtime by bicycle

After thinking about riding bicycles since arriving in Greater Boston (i.e., Arlington, MA), we pulled out the plastic to buy a set with the arrival of spring weather.

I’d been thinking about the potential of joining the ranks of bicycle commuters. While sitting in the T-bus, stopped in Mass Ave traffic, I’d inevitably lose count of the number of cyclists passing us by. Surely I could get to work faster (or be home sooner) if I would just pedal myself?

Commuting is one reason, but the other reason, maybe the best reason of all, is just to ride around town– for fun. I’d finally come around to thinking about cycling as a faster way to walk. (That’s sounds more lazy than it should.) Living near the Town Center is conducive to such thinking, as we’ve been regularly walking around to the try the local restaurants, jog around the lakes and ponds, or head to the neighborhood gym.

Appropriately then, we walked to the local bike shop– Quad Cycles. (I don’t know why it’s named “Quad”, but I’ll ask the next time I’m there. BTW: it was a great buying experience, and I’d definitely recommend going there. Be sure to pay your Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition dues for a 15% discount. No, I’m not paid by Quad Cycles.)

I’d done some homework beforehand, and, upon the confirmation of cycling-aficionado friends, I decided on the Breezer Uptown 8. Yep– I even got the U-frame with the bell (they all come with bells)… in red (just like the photo)… manhood be damned!

Breezer Uptown

To be blunt: I . L o v e . I t . (I’ll let you know if it’s just the honeymoon period, or whether my first impressions will persist.)

I think the best part is that I feel like hopping on the bike and going for a spin around the block. Others have felt the same way about the Uptown 8.

(For those interested, my wife is now riding the Jamis Satellite. I’d never heard of Jamis before, but apparently it seems like a good bike– more importantly, she likes the ride.)



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