Posted by: shoji | May 6, 2008

New Google Reader Function (updated)

I love Google Reader– I don’t know why anyone would use a reader client. (Get Google Gears if you want off-line access!)

From the ease of subscription management to tagging to sharing…

But there’s been an obvious hole in its functionality: I always wanted the ability to comment on my shared items. And the commentary was one reason I started this blog, hence the random and varied assortment of items. (I know some of this functionality is captured in Facebook, perhaps del.ici.ous, probably others, but I like the “blog” format offered by Google Shared Items.)

Yesterday, I noticed a new function on my Google Reader: “Share with Note”.

I don’t know if anyone follows my shared items (Thanks, Mom!), but I like the idea of commentary with shared items. The ability to “comment” on blogs, post reviews on, etc., is a real-time function that has transformed news/information. Share-with-Note puts that idea on its head: making the commenter (who shares with notes) central, rather than the story commented upon.

Will this blog come to an end? Probably not, since I’ve decided to supplement my infrequent posting with semi-regular photo posting. I also find news and ideas around the web to which I haven’t subscribed.

Which means for you Google Reader Programmers:

Please add a function where someone (i.e., me) can important non-subscribed into their Share with Notes section. A simple bookmarklet would be great.

If I’ve missed some obvious other application, Firefox Add-on, etc., please let me know in the comments.
(Easy with the fan-boy comments and flames.)

Note: Minutes after posting, I found the Google Reader bookmarklet that enables notes and pages to-be added from around the web. Check out my GReader items for short commentary!


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