Posted by: shoji | May 13, 2008

Use of wind energy expected to grow dramatically –

I’m all for alternative energy, however, I’m a bit leery of boastful claims to large-scale win/win technologies. In the Examiner article, below, a study showed that wind energy could be scaled in the near term to produce as much as current nuclear power plants.

But what are the unintended consequences?

Remember in the recent past how corn-based ethanol would reduce the US dependence on oil? One obvious impact has been on food prices.

Getting back to wind: How would such a large number of mega-turbines affect wind patterns throughout the US… and world? Would this impact the weather patterns? change precipitation? etc.?

Use of wind energy expected to grow dramatically –
To reach the 20 percent production level, wind turbines would have to produce 300,000 megawatts of power, compared to about 16,000 megawatts generated today. Such growth would envision more than 75,000 new wind turbines, many of them larger than those operating today. About 54,000 megawatts would be produced by turbines in offshore waters.


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