Posted by: shoji | May 22, 2008

Scooters & Motorcycles compared to Autos

There’s definitely a mile-per-gallon advantage of riding a scooter or motorcycle for commuting. Now, with record gas prices, people are making the switch to motorized-two-wheelers based on simple economics.

According to the MarketWatch article below, scooter and motorcycles are not governed under the same environmental emissions standards as autos (including SUVs). Although scooters and motorcycles are using much less fuel (thus having a lower carbon footprint), I wonder what the other emissions are (nitrogen and sulfur oxides?) and the impact of the “other emissions”.

If anyone knows or can point me to a reliable source, then please comment. I’ll look around the web (always reliable– sarcasm) and try to follow up on this topic.

Born to Be … Fuel-Efficient – MarketWatch
Scooters have to meet the same emissions standards as motorcycles. While the federal government tightened those standards in 2004, they are still not as stringent as the standards for cars. The Environmental Protection Agency says even the typical sport-utility vehicle is 95% cleaner than the typical motorcycle.



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